• From Crisis to Opportunity: How COVID-19 Transformed the Small Business Landscape

    Gone are the days of clearance racks overflowing with holiday overstock. Traditional retailers, relying on complex forecasting methods and sell-through percentages, struggled to adapt to the ever-changing consumer preferences in our diverse society. However, amid the pandemic, Americans not only survived but also found opportunities to flourish.
  • Embracing Individuality: A Journey Through Fashion and Personal Styler first blog post

    I want to share with you a personal journey that shaped my understanding of fashion and style. Growing up, I had little knowledge about fashion trends or style. I simply wore what felt comfortable to me. To some extent, that still holds true today, as my outfit choice often depends on the activities I have planned for the day. Whether it's painting, cleaning, meeting a friend, or running errands, my attire reflects the occasion.

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